A Bomb's View

Self Financed 2007

A Bomb's View represents a three song taster/EP that sort of is the lit fuse in the build-up to Audiopain's new album The Switch To Turn Off Mankind.  This 10" also further illustrates how in love with vinyl Audiopain actually is as these tracks are only available on this vinyl-only release and will not be available anywhere else.  From Farce to Fatality gets the massive boulder rolling with some typical dissonant "Audiopain" riff before rumbling along with more dirty as hell thrashing that has come to typify this band's style.  Meanwhile The Decay Spiral has more of a melodic feel to it that reminds a bit of early Destruction as it shreds with calculated guitar riffing and controlled yet frenetic drumming.  And as if sensing the momentum has built to high of an intensity, they slow it down with some mid-tempo licks before ratcheting the intensity back up few notches.  The superb Down In Perdition closes out the EP with an excellent chorus that does a near break down before kicking back into overdrive with a galloping riff tramples all opposition!  This is one of the best compositions that they have ever written in my humble opinion.  One can't help but shake their fist in the air as you bang your head while Down in Perdition unloads salvo after salvo of metal artillery upon your ear drums.  Sverre is in top form and never has there been a vocalist in the history of metal that is more tortured in his delivery.  Audiopain never fail to deliver the goods and with A Bomb's View we are treated to yet more of their particular brand of sweaty and feverish thrashing.  Each riff is soaked in the muck of subterranean disease and rotten infection.  These guys have many peers but no equals!!!!