303 Committee    


Inam Records 2013

When doing research for this mysterious album I came across their bandcamp page and saw the key tags of black, ambient, drone, noise.  I found those all to be accurate descriptions for the dark and abyssic sonic journey I was taken on by 303 Committee's music.  Augmented is the first of these amorphous experiences with its echoing industrial soundscape.  I felt lifted up into the limitless void of the cosmos as the twisting noises took control of the track's flow.  A washed out shuddering of interstellar dust painted the final surge of the song.  Pathet simmers with industrial textures and I am transported to a cold, lifeless factory churning out calculated death.  The layered noise is overtaken static fuzz which ebbs towards an ethereal collapse.  More sterile industrial effects pulse like lurking terror in the formless shadows during the initial stage of Lair.  An insistent build up of sonic threads moves the song towards a transcendent state.  Junta is more up front with its sinister intentions.  Crackling energy warps into astral synth and carries us like a silently floating vessel in the eternal coldness of space.  By the time A Sinking Ship flows through your ears you will be starkly aware of the lack of organic aspects to 303 Committee's music which in turn prevents the listener from ever being ground.  The sterile, yet soothing hum of the track is like muted, blurred church bells chiming in the far distance while ominous layers of noise rise to obscure that singular sound.  Then it is abruptly obliterated by harsh metallic rhythms.  And by metallic, I mean created by something metal.  303 Committee's music, though somewhat philosophical in its intent, really just clears my mind and then gently thrusts it into the nebulous eternity of the cosmos.  I see galactic clouds and the cold, burning eyes of distant stars as they peer past me and my insignificance.