Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors

Old Temple/Godz Ov War 2012

Extreme Polish brutality is what we are faced with on the new album from Embrional.  And this quartet leaves no holds barred when they unleash their assault of blackened death metal.  From the get go we are smacked in the face by high-speed precision on Possessed By Evil.  A moody bass line sets up a blasting passage of guttural vocals and blackened death metal riffing.  The track then drops into some midtempo rumblings that remind me of Immolation.  The track ends and the next one begins without even pausing for a breath.  Disgraceful Enslavement has a rolling main riff that borders on hypnotic.  I hear mixes of Krisiun and more Immolation colliding as the song rides an intense rhythm to its conclusion.  The technical guitar solo that swirls in the song's innards is a nice touch.  A menacing opening riff slinks in the background of the instrumental, Necropolis while a mildly eastern sounding guitar solo surges overhead.  A slightly more moody and introspective atmosphere permeates the acoustic guitar of the second instrumental, Beyond the Abyss.  Then there is an immediate explosion of drum blasts and shredding guitar as Maniacal Madness gets underway.  I am somewhat numb by this point though as this album is unrelenting when it comes to its noninstrumentals.  It is mainly a never-ending stream of ultra-aggressive drum lines that shift on a regular basis but never downgrade their intensity.  Take for instance the next composition, Bestial Torture which starts slow, but the respite is quickly submerged by an excess of speed and razorsharp instrumentation.  Overall Embrional have hammered out a disk that is replete with razor-sharp death metal with blackened edges that, despite being tight and well executed, leaves me feeling somewhat unmoved.  The music has a flat feel to me.  Can't truly say why, all the right pieces are there, but the emotion seems lacking.  Nothing really grabs me.