Abstract Satan
Daemon Worship Productions

Cypriot (via London) black metal destruction flows forth from the void on the debut full length from Necrosadist.  After the short intro called Indoctrination, the title track opens up a world of violence.  Insanely intense pacing with buzzing guitars creates an apocalyptic mood.  Quick stabs of melodic riffing contrasts against the grinding songwriting.  The song is relentless.  It is nonstop savagery.  The track climaxes with a chanted vocal passage.  I absolutely worship these vocals.  They sound like the perfect embodiment of unholy death.  Melodic riffs open Rising From The Earth and then the song lets fly a barrage of rhythmic annihilation.  The calm, ominous second half of the track adds a hint of sorrow and nostalgia to the overall devastation.  Obsidian Sphere creeps in with a meandering bass and methodical pounding of the cymbals.  Melodic shards are a prelude to the spoken word passage and I am reminded somewhat of Dissection, though not in an overt way.  The track gains momentum before collapsing into a beautiful guitar solo.  From the Virulent Entrails Of the Virus Christ explodes the instant it begins.  Lightning quick drums and frenzied riffs.  The guitars hit a couple of sharp breaks early on to compound the destruction.  The songwriting shifts towards thicker rhythms in the song's second half and echoes of Morbid Angel can be discerned. We are the lacerated by a Transilvanian Hunger-ish melodic repetition.  As is the case with a lot of albums, I am not huge on the drum production initially, but I quickly don't even notice it once the albums really gets underway.  Necrosadist with their debut have conjured an album that is full of apocalyptic blasphemy.  Necrosadist's breakneck speed and unholy riffs leveled against the hordes of the white light will sow seeds of darkness and reap only death.