Demo/Promo 2010

Self Released 2010

Britain, a country that has had its fair share of war has entered the melee with a black metal band obsessed with World War 1.  On the 2010 demo from Abwehrschlacht we can expect to see the horrors of war combined with the cruelty of black metal.  The demo begins with the cold, martial beat of black metallers headed to war on Die Sturmtruppen.  A merciless industrial feel mirrors the inhuman devastation that is to come.  Fuzzed out guitars and barbaric riffing imbue the track with an aggressive ferocity.  However this is also the weakest moment of the demo as the song fails to really grab me and the drum machine sounds awkward at times.  Blood Red Moon continues with the fuzzy guitars but it's approach is more atmospheric and somber.  A slower pace and more prominent bass guitars lend the track a hint of sorrow and regret.  With the buried vocals and icy mood I am reminded at times of early Carpathian Forest.  Up next is the monstrous Meatgrinder.  Its throbbing riffs pulse with the murderous hunger of a thousand war machines.  Sort of like a primitive black metal version of Bolt Thrower.  Though the guitar solo has a bizarre production on it.  The Outro is a pompous military orchestra that reminds the listener of the pseudo-glory of war.  Though British in origin, Abwehrschlacht has a Teutonic mentality, efficiently ruthless.  It will be interesting to see how Abwehrschlacht develops in the future.  They are off to a promisingly destructive start.