All Hail The Void
Southern Lord

One of the most intense and memorable albums to hit my ears this year is the new album from Milwaukee's hardcore demolitionists, Enabler.  All Hail The Void fuses hyper-aggressive hardcore with metal, crust, and off the wall musicianship for a entertaining and violent concoction.  The stark acoustic guitar strums that open FATH are a haunting, yet misleading calm before the brutal assault of relentless speedy drums and harsh vocals.  Thick Amebix-esque riffs crush the listener on The Heathens before the song picks up momentum and then shifts into metalcore breakdowns and grind accents.  The highlight of the album is Speechless with its insanely infectious main riff and rapid-fire drum patterns.  The main riff of the song embeds itself in my brain and has me humming along as I am flinging my fists at anything within reach.  The stomping breakdown in the middle hearkens back to the hardcore pit anthems of the mid 90s!  Total death blasts char your flesh beyond recognition as Fuck Today gets underway.  Progressive guitar noodling then ensues accompanied by metallic stomps.  The unbelievable speed and relentless destruction of False Profit borders on Powerviolence.  True Love veers into melodic territory which is a more traditional 90s hardcore anthem and is another album highlight among the many to be found.  Completely reversing direction is the next track, They Live, We Sleep.  Lumbering, doom/crust riffs and anti-harmonic sounds echo in the darkness for the first half of the track.  Then aggressive, straight-ahead hardcore assaults your ears for the second half.  Another catchy riff, similar to the one in Speechless surfaces towards the end of the track and delivers the final knockout blow!  The final track utilizes spastic guitar noodles and gusts of black metal guitar work to augment the hyper-dense hardcore explosion that forms the foundation of the Funeral Dirge.  Despite its catchy moments, All Hail The Void is a hostile album that spews bile and anger like Sheer Terror's speed-addicted little brother.  These guys will bury you!