Black Seed Productions

Obscure and melancholic black metal from Spain covers you like a blanket of frost on the new EP from Aboriorth.  The Anchorite EP is comprised of two long songs, the first of which is Existence Delusion Death.  Thin, trebly guitars with sorrowful accents create a cold, desolate atmosphere as the song begins.  Slow, trilling riffs and morose black metal rasps cut across your soul like splinters of ice.  The tempo picks up slightly before dropping into sparse, singular guitar.  During the song's direct middle a bubbling sample is warped only to give way to more icy riffs that then explode onto frigid gusts of violent, near-melodic guitars.  Catchy and memorable song writing fills the latter half of the song as the music has a really nice repetitive flow to it.  The second track, The Absolute Decline Black Light sets the mood with wind samples and melancholic guitar work.  The song then trudges along in a funeral doom riffing style, lumbering riffs, a plodding pace and tear-wrenching melodic accents.  The ultra grim vocals are bone hard and add to the suicidal feeling of the opening segment.  However the song erupts into razor-sharp blasting black metal at the 3:10 mark.  It's a storm of horror, aggression and unfeeling cruelty which brings the song to the half way point where we are once again corrupted by suicidal funeral doom.  Aboriorth has crafted a long EP (27 minutes) that takes the despair and hopelessness of doom and added it to icy cold black metal, like mixing the best aspects of Thergothon and Burzum together.  The EP personifies murderous sorrow.