High Spirits

Another Night

Planet Metal 2011

I was blown away by the two demos and 7" of these Chicago traditional metallers, and for me the only thing they lacked was a REAL drummer.  However, that has since changed and the new album from High Spirits has reached my ears.  And I am it is once again, mind-blowing.  The catchy riffs, butter-smooth vocals and the old school style that is at once also refreshing.  Another Night In the City kicks things off with its driving main riff and insanely memorable chorus.  One of the album highlights is Full Power with its gripping melodic main riff and empowering dynamics.  It's the kind of song that gets you feet tapping and your voice singing along.  The album gives instant gratification with its songs, yet there are also little riffs and nuances hidden within that add an additional layer of intrigue, such as the 56 second mark (the chorus) of I'll Be Back.  That songwriting is sheer genius and it complements the humming main riff and melodic leads sprinkled liberally across the track.  A toe-tapping bass guitar line sets up the moody hard rock track, Nights In Black.  The layered vocals lend an epic quality to the song as well.  Overall though, in the context of the rest of the album, it is a fairly subdued track.  The album closes on a high note with Going Up.  A fast paced rockin' track with a powerful chorus that just begs to be played at full volume.  It's as if the guitars are an engine, just revving up, you can feel the horses just waiting to be freed to burn the city streets.  Melodic leads jump in constantly during the track to ratchet up the energy, so let the streets burn!!!  Another Night takes what High Spirits did on the demos, polishes it slightly yet still retains that organic street sound.  Sweet melodies, sweeter vocals and insanely catchy songwriting, that's a quick and accurate summation of Another Night.  One of my top albums of the year!