Anti-Flesh Existence

Stronghold Records 2010

This is American cult black metallers Ptahil's first real full length album and the Cd version comes with the Ortus EP as a bonus. (A review of which you can read here)  The 3 tracks contained on it as aggressive and melodic, atmospheric and bestial at the same time, a hint of dualism within the music. A slight nod towards the Nordic melodies sweeps in like a hurricane after a short intro of ritualistic obscurity as In Ritual To Yam is unleashed.  The initial section has a burst of intense hyper thrash before sobering melodies pour forth from the guitars like an endless fountain.   Universal Extinction continues with the song structure of blasting cold melodies sewing together imposing totalitarian riffs.  The melody shifts its texture roughly two minutes into the track as the flow is paused for a moment, perhaps to reflect, before more slicing melodies are again unleashed.  The gang vocals during the pounding rhythmic section add a sense of authority to the lyrics.  More thrash explodes as the title-track begins its aggressive tirade of bleak futilism.  The track slows its pace and transforms into a moody piece of apocalyptic resignation before once again erupting into furious speed.  At the 4:30 mark, an ominous and ultimately forlorn trudge begins.  A funeral pacing mirrors the sparse riffing and rasping vocals.  The texture and tempo of the song constantly shifts throughout its 15 minute length like the undulating serpent of the Omega.  Ptahil's album is perhaps more aggressive than both of their demos yet retains the occult essence and fermented nihilism that remain the spiritual and intellectual core of their black metal art.