At the Devil's Studio 1990

Hells Headbangers 2011

Perhaps the most important band from the Finnish black metal scene is Beherit and their album, The Oath Of Black Blood started off the flood of Finnish black metal albums in the early 90s.  However, apparently there was an unreleased album recorded before The Oath Of Black Blood.  Some of the songs overlap of course (Witchcraft, Demonomancy, Grave Desecration) but you get to hear them in a new light.  And by new light, I mean buried in a grave of sodden mud and noise.  If you thought that the Sarcofago influenced blinding speed and terrifying tidal wave of noise on The Oath of Black Blood was scary, just wait until you here At The Devil's Studio 1990.  Starting off with the quick but raw instrumental called Rehearsal your mind is somewhat prepared for the savage raping that Grave Desecration Vengeance will unleash upon you.  Indecipherable vocals spew forth like putrid vomit and barely discernable riffs flow like a light-speed mudslide.  At The Devil's Churns continues the attack with furious single-minded animosity.  A rhythmic set of riffing scrapes away your flesh as it belches from out of your speakers until the track drops into a lethargic pool of offal.  Only then does the merciless onslaught continue.  The level of noise only continues on Witchcraft as a layer of hissing treble comes into play while the track smashes headlong into an array of Sarcofago-esque rhythmic speed and destruction.  This musical style continues on in Six Days With Sadistic Slayer.  It has initial bursts of speed and rapid drums, which settle into quick strikes of bass heavy riffs.  If you like early Beherit then you will not be disappointed with At The Devil's Studio 1990.  It is a harsh glance into the past of one of the key bands, not only of the Finnish scene, but also of the entire black metal underground.  The primal savagery of this album will take you back to the days when the true EVILNESS of black metal had not become dulled by the glut of false pretenders.