Aupres De La Mort, Triomphant 7"

None Shall Defy 2011

Raw and primitive, these Canadian black metal insurgents strike with weapons of regressive atmosphere.  This 3 song EP is the latest in Akitsa's vast arsenal and fits in well with the rest of their uncompromising catalogue.  Up first is La Grotte Des Anges Dechus which is a sonic onslaught of noisy and harsh black metal, done the old school way.  No frills, just straight on melodic and raw, riffs cut like a frozen razor, yet I feel this desolate track somehow just misses the mark.  The distant shrieked vocals though seemingly filled with emotion seem a little forced and the songwriting does little to grab me and hold my attention.  Notre Avant-guerre kicks up the intensity with sharper production and even sharper riffs, though the drum beat can be a little distracting.  Musically it falls in line somewhat with early Gorgoroth, a galloping pacing and fuzzed out guitars.  The final track is a synth instrumental that brings to mind the epic isolation and deep-forest majesty of some of Burzum's synth work.  Though not quite up to that level it is still enjoyable and transports one to an unearthly locale, far away from humanity and amongst mystical nature.  One of the problems I have with this release is there is no sense of unity between the tracks.  It's like a collection of pieces taken from different places.  This feeling is enhanced by the differing production between each track.  That said, Aupres de La Mort, Triumphant is exactly what one expects from Akitsa, raw and desolate black metal, devoid of light and life.