Awakening Of Sleeping Madness

Devil's Blood Productions 2012

Holy Shit!!!  Is this a long lost recording from Autopsy's Severed Survival sessions?  No, it's the new demo from France's morbid fiends, Herpes.  Intoxicated gets this sonic butchery underway.  Fuzzy guitars and sloppy, guttural vocals just hack away at your eardrums like a meat cleaver.  I swear the production and execution here sounds exactly like Autopsy's Severed Survival.  Granted there is a slight difference in songwriting and execution.  The song hits its stride with a thrashier chorus that then drops into an eerie, atmospheric passage that vibrates with a macabre aura.  Cellar of Depravation crawls in with a slow, rotting riff that fills the air with a stench of decay.  A barbaric onslaught of meaty riffs coats your speakers with blood.  There is a guitar solo that creeps into the song and draws mental comparisons to Paradise Lost's debut.  An incessant hammering beat on Putrid Ritual saws through bone while the guitars shred flesh and sinews mercilessly.  Belying the imminent grinding of corpse meat, Ravenous starts out slowly before leaping headlong into a bouncy set of tempos and riffs.  Summon The Unspeakable is a supremely morbid song with sticky, doomy riffs and moody Paradise Lost style solos.  There is a hidden bonus track which is an appropriate and savage cover of Abscess' Suicide Fuck which accentuates the punky undertones that lurk in the rest of the material on this demo.  UGH!!!  If you like the old school brutality and gore-drenched deviance of Autopsy's Severed Survival, then Herpes' new demo will leave you gutted and lifeless as the maggots crawl through your brain!  This whole demo reeks like putrescent carrion.