Terrordome / Dekapited     

Bestial Castigation
Thrashing Madness Productions

Two bands, a world apart, but united by a common bond to thrash your brains out have teamed up to release this split of ugly, unflinching metal violence upon your flesh.  Those two aforementioned bastards of bestial thrash are Poland's Terrordome and Chile's Dekapited.  Each of these bands has their own take on how to deal out sonic aggression.

First up are the five songs from Terrordome and their Slayer-ish intent splits your skull as soon as the first note flies off of the guitar.  On Brutal Punishment speedy riffs, lightning-quick solos and scathing vocals set your speakers on fire.  Immediately attacking once again on The Final Regret these Poles know they are taking no prisoners.  Intense sawing riffs and a relentless tempo leave nothing but charred flesh.  Arthur The Catamite takes a total punk approach that reminds me a bit of something you might hear on a Nuclear Assault album.  Cross Over Cracow utilizes some in-your-face gang vocals and an Exodus inspired, moshing groove to hit you hard.  Then the song leaps up to maximum speed once again and those gang vocals beat you to a pulp.  The final track by these thrash hoodlums is Friends From The Gym.  There is a tiny hint of crossover evident in the thrashing mayhem which brings to mind shades of Assassin.  

The next set of executioners are Dekapited and their three tracks of destructive thrash.  After a short intro and a thick bass guitar line you are compelled to bang your head to the South American thrash of Contra Iglesia Y Estado.  I am reminded of a slowed down version of Sextrash as the gruff Spanish vocals and the bulldozer riffs plow right through your chest.  Things get even more aggressive on Tortura Mental.  A hammering beat and some perfectly timed gang vocals accompany some determined riffing.  The guitars rise up into a crunchy, chugging beast as the song climaxes.  Pesadilla Fatal brings things to a riffing hellstorm caught somewhere between Dark Angel, Vulcano, and Slayer!  A catchy as hell, main riff brings to mind Aggressive Perfector with a chunky chorus that leaves swollen bruises any place those riffs happen to strike!  

If you like your thrash aggressive and violent but with a bit of a beefier approach then both of these metallic warriors will splinter all the bones in your body with their thrash onslaughts!!!