Beyond Ancient Space

Ritual Productions 2011

It's hard to describe the new album from the UK's Bong on a track-by-track basis.  The whole album is a monolith of droning doom that is as contemplative as it is dark and ominous.  Each of the three tracks clocks in at about 25 minutes and an analysis of one is an analysis of the other two as their sound, style and intent are so focused and similar.  Onward to Perdondaris is up first and the thick buzz of the droning guitar sounds like a fleet of world war two bombers circling overheard grimly awaiting to deliver their deadly cargo.  The molasses crawl of the drums adds the ceremonial feeling of the track.  Subdued and haunting chants imbue a spiritual aspect to the music which is enhanced by the eastern flair of the guitar melody floating over the top of the music.  When this massive cloud of instrumentation is layered above you, it has a smothering, oppressive effect which in turn is quite liberating.  If that sounds contradictory then please listen to the music.  You will see how the crushing titanic guitars can create a sense of claustrophobia within you while also lifting you towards a religious trance.  It's as if the guitars resonate with the spiritual current of the universe while they simultaneously shatter your bones.  The next two tracks (Across The Time-Stream and In The Shadow Of The Towers) follow the same formula though some mutations creep in like crashing cymbal work and a mildly increased tempo during some passages.  However, the effect remains the same.  Beyond Ancient Space is music to lose yourself within.  Collapse into its slowly shimmering dark folds and leave the earth.