Black Heksen Rise
Indie Recordings

This brand-spanking new, two-song 7" from the darkest hardcore band in existence is an emotional affair.  Integrity's first release for Norway's Indie Recordings is imbued with a sense of sadness to go along with the blinding hatred and aggression of their traditional songwriting.  The title-track is up first and steps sideways with a progressive lead and doom-laden riffing.  The guitars drag out and stretch Dwid's vocals along with them as they drift with one another.  The pressure picks up with a chugging riff but quickly collapses into a forlorn passage riddled with sharp, melancholic leads.  After that is the acoustic beginning of Waiting For the Sun (To Burn Out).  The soft fuzz of washed out and muted vocal samples add an aura of horror to the initial segment.  Then the song explodes in a flurry of violence.  Fast riffs, anger-fueled vocals and hammering drums all attack your eardrums with great savagery.  Memorable riffs rise and fall within the tempest while spirited guitar solos slice across soundscape before devolving into the same progressive, melodic lead which brings a moment of clarity and closure to the 7".  Integrity for me is one of the few bands that has gotten stronger and better as the years have piled up on their career.  This 7" is great and shows added depth to Integrity's songwriting rather than just being straight-forward metallic hardcore.  I am drooling with anticipation for their new album.