Black Magic Mountain Goat     


Self Released 2013

Underground Swedish death from the snow covered fields of the north.  I tell you that from the opening blasts of Drink Blood I am struck with the same destructive malevolence that I felt when I first listened to Necrophobic's Unholy Prophecies demo.  The downtuned, sawing guitars and sinister vocals just crush everything while style maintaining an atmosphere of sinister obscurity.  The track alternately blasts and slows to a midtempo rumble and then ends on one of those dark and gloomy slow segments.  The next track, Sirens Of Hell gravitates towards a thrashier approach.  The riffs are catchier yet are brazen in their vehement speed which breaks into crunchy grooves and cavernous death metal growls.  The true Necrophobic-esque comparisons come to the forefront with the opening notes of Bastard Magic which then hammers away at your sanity.  The midtempo pacing continually is swept away by rapid snare strikes and while the downtuned sawing riffs banish all light from the track.  Black Magic Mountain Goat's debut demo is dark and morbid ode to old school Swedish death and truly captures that unholy spirit of the late 80s/early 90s.