Black Rock     

Demo 2013

Self-Released 2013

Finland's modern answer to early Hellhammer comes in the form of Black Rock.  Their debut 4 song demo is an adventure in cryptic, destructive bludgeoning.  Each song echoes with that obscure and underground primitivism.  A punkish beat and raw guitars hammer away on the track bearing the same name as the band.  The progressions of the song remind me so much of Satanic Rites era Hellhammer and capture that same barbaric vibe.  The vocals are harsh screams, dry as a bone.  You can hear the total Hellhammer riff at the 1:25 mark, minus the demented guitar harmonics.  The track becomes more chaotic and belligerent as it advances towards its conclusion.  A necrotic bassline splits into a Hellhammer-esque rhythm on The Forbidden Portal.  The Phantom Sailor deviates slightly from this style as there is a bit of buried, warped NWOBHM riffing going on in there, but it is super hard to discern due to the bestial nature of Black Rock and their raw production.  That is until that nifty bass line erupts at the 2:18 point and a wailing lead follows it into oblivion.  The final track, Into The Dungeon, gravitates back to the subterranean brutality of Hellhammer with its moaning rhythms and crushing force.  Black Rock really seems to resurrect the old school black metal vibe of demo era Hellhammer and they breathe new life into it.  This is a rebirth of that spirit, nearly a dopplganger of the music, but if you crave that style then you will worship Black Rock!  UGH.