Nokturne / Todesweihe

Blitzkrieg Death Invocations Split LP

Genocide Aesthetics 2010

With this Split double LP (limited to 399 copies) Genocide Aesthetics once again delivers some quality traditional black metal that is heavy in atmosphere and devoid of any frills.  

Up first is America's Nokturne who manage to focus their songs around a strong main riff and harsh supporting riffs.  This is evidenced by the first track, B.D.I.  Harsh vocals (which for me a little bit of an acquired taste) and raw guitars create a vortex of hate and then all hell is unleashed when the main riff surges in.  It captivates your soul with its quality. Meanwhile the drums have a noticeable quick-tapping cymbal pattern that stands out within the framework of the song.  The next track, Sigil Mord follows this same pattern of fast apocalyptic black metal that breaks into a gripping main riff.  Early on in their part of this split you will note that Nokturne is relentless.  It is nonstop speed and aggression.  Your first respite isn't until late in their material, deep in White Roaring Abyss, where it is announced by a dribbling bass line, then it is off again at a racing pace only to shift backwards.  Lunar Funeral Procession begins with an atmospheric passage before racing again in a hypnotic melodic riff section.  An almost folk riff opens Self Sacrifice, a simmering song that hints towards a pompous black metal era full of glory and might.  For comparison's sake Nokturne's style of songwriting most reminds me of early Katharsis.

The second LP is from Germany's Todesweihe and is a rerelease of their 2004 demo with a bonus Darkthrone cover added.  Todesweihe is very Nordic in their sound.  The riffing style is very reminiscent of Darkthrone's "classic" period.  The music is like an explosion of power as Nordic melodies literally burst from the speakers.  Ghostly vocal gurgles ravage your ears on top of this mesmerizing music.  In Den Nachthimmeln Transilvaniens flows like drifting snow and is unmistakably influenced by Transilvanian Hunger's style.  Mit Einem Herzen Voller Verachtung utilizes repetition of the hypnotic riffs to create a trance-like feeling within the listener and oddly enough reminds me somewhat of As Flittermice.  This pattern of trebly guitar riffs and minimalist drumming with hissing cymbals continues through most of Todesweihe's songs.  However this pattern is broken on Instrumental with its warm bass line and cold crystalline guitar.  The distant but loud female voice speaking over the top of the song is chilling.  Todesweihe close out their LP with a spot on cover of Darkthrone's As Flittermice As Satans Spys and brings full circle the Darkthrone comparisons within their own material.  

Both bands represent black metal the way it was original envisioned, raw and harsh with an unfeeling atmosphere based on quality riffs that exude coldness and evil from every note.