Blood Legion     

Promo 2012

These upstart Malaysians are purveyors of all things primitive and deathly.  This three song promo demonstrates their dedication to bludgeoning the listener with riffs that have all the subtlety of a meat-tenderizing hammer.  First up is the straight-forward destruction of God Of Lies.  The song is sloppy in all the right ways and the bass guitar sounds like the strings are as thick as a hangman's rope.  The midtempo grooves of the song hammer away at your ear drums as deathly gurgles demolish what is left.  There are no frills at all with the songwriting, just uncompromising, traditional death metal.  A shrill guitar solo pierces your skull like a scalpel as the song ends.  Against The Sun serves up more meaty riffs with a little bit more atmosphere to the composition but it is still nothing but grave desecrating brutality.  The main riff drags and then surges towards its end.  In the meantime the drums methodically hammer along like a ravenous zombie's pace.  The final track, Blood Legion amps up the speed and aggression for a violent assault of rhythmic death metal.  A surprisingly bouncy chugs dominates the song's rotting innards while the bass guitar throbs and hums like the flaying of decaying tendons.  Blood Legion aren't going to win any words for originality, but their material is sincere and punishing.  If you like your death metal raw and loose, then Blood Legion will satisfy that insatiable hunger for gore that lurks within you.