Sevared Records 2013

BloodRedThrone is an institution of Norwegian death metal and they return with their seventh full length album.  I will admit that their music has never really caught on with me.  However, after hearing this album though, perhaps I have been missing out.  Traditional, brutal death metal is what you should expect from BloodRedThrone.  Hints of Grave claw their way through the faster riffing of Soulseller while a meaty groove disembowels you during the song's slower passages.  A beastly set of riffs are hacked to pieces by relentless speed and guttural vocals on In Hell I Roam.  The track drops into some seriously brutal, low end riffs accented by butcherous bass guitar and ultra-precise drum lines.  Hymn Of The Asylum swirls with pummeling riffs and a stomping groove.  The pace picks up for a tempestuous moment before driving hard into a rapid succession of intense riffs and machinegun drum strikes that hint at bands like Immolation.  Unlike its predecessor, Primitive Killing Machine lurches and chugs and floats into periods of dark melodies.  Dodens Makt dazzles from the outset with spastic drum lines but it quickly settles into sawing riffs that slice through your eardrums.  Once again a smooth, near-melodic lead caresses the song's foundation.  The album closes with March Of The Undying and its deep spoken word beginning segment.  This section is wiped away by an insane burst of speed and Grave-esque set of crushing guitars and pounding riffs.  Weird harmonics pierce the muck as ultra-sludgy riffs fold over on themselves.  BloodRedThrone's self-titled opus is a strong statement on what traditional, no-frills death metal, executed with lethal precision should sound like.  This is surgical brutality at its finest.