Invictus Productions 2014 

Swiss death metal godz, Bolzer release their second EP in as many years.  These two songs are evidence of a true understanding and rejuvenation of the old spirit of underground death metal.  Steppes froths with deep, resonating riffs that recall early 90s Swedish and American death metal hybrids.  While not downtuned and sludgy, the riffs bring to mind something along the lines as Abhoth, but with hints of American death metal like Immolation and Gorephobia.  Black metal accents seep in at the edges of the songwriting for an even more sinister aura to the song.  The spoken word middle segment lends a philosophical vibe to the icy blasts that accompany it.  The whole track has a triumphant and totalitarian feel to it.   The 12+ minute opus, Labyrinthian Graves is fraught with a sense of horror and dread as the guitars creep along with meandering drum lines as the song unfurls itself.  Then a typhoon of freezing riffs slash through the track revealing a demonic and violent intent.  Thundering grooves and vast riffs populate the next passage of the song.  They lumber over the listener like titan gods.  A spiritual layer rises at the 14:56 mark in the form of astral synth and desolate notes replete with shimmering percussion.  Bolzer is fresh and ancient sounding at the same time.  They have revitalized the thirst for horrifying death metal within my veins with their sophomore EP.  This is 18 minutes of sheer terror inducing death metal.