Planet Metal 2011

Veterans of the Chicago metal scene and masterminds behind the legendary Usurper have united to form a behemoth of deathly proportions.  Their self-titled debut is a punishing excursion into crusty death metal that batters your eardrums into submission.  March of the Dead gets things underway with a hammerfist of punk infused death metal.  It reminds me sort of a mix of Massacre and Motorhead.  More primitive Motorhead rhythms leap out as Bloodlust charges headlong out of the speakers.  Bitch ups the tempo and the speed proves to be just as effective.  The riffs combine with the drums in such a way that is embodies rusty meat cleavers severing bone.  I am certain the bouncy segments of the song induce involuntary carnage in the pit as people mosh uncrontrollably.  Taking a different slant, Apocalyptic Warrior brings to mind In Battle There is No Law era Boltthrower with its crusty riffing and minimalist approach.  I feel black metal references infecting the riffs that open Slowburn.  The chorus reminds me of Asphyx, both vocally and in its phrasing.  And then we are back to a Motorhead-meets-Massacre assault with Lonely Death.  I also detect some Celtic Frost-isms within the track, but they are sped up and thrashed out.  I have been saving my favorite song for last (and so was the band).  A total rhythmic crusher that combines Warmaster era Boltthrower with Darkthrone's Sacrificing To The God Of Doubt.  It's like a rampaging bulldozer flattening the listener with its sheer heaviness.  Bones is primitive in a straight-ahead, bludgeoning sort of way.  Their music is in your face and unapologetic for its crushing brutality.  Imagine a punked-up Massacre with hints of Motorhead's Rock N Roll sensibilities.