Born of Might

Devil's Ground Productions 2010

On Born Of Might (their fifth full-length) Germany's Metamorphosis is a band that revels in atmospheric black metal.  Melodic riffing flows easily from their guitars.  Though the album starts on a heavier note on the title-track.  Deathly vocals sound very commanding above the thick guitars and atmospheric synths.  Melodic leads leisurely roll within the mid-tempo maelstrom.  A thrashy main riff surges from the start of Black Blood and dominates the galloping landscape of the track.  There is definitely a Hellenic influence on the riffing style used by Metamorphosis and you can hear it in fleeting moments during the early parts of the album but it really comes to the front on Visions From Beyond.  Characteristic pacing and near-melodic riffs coupled with eerie snyths make this reference visible.  And if any doubts existed before, they are completely erased as Iceworld gets underway.  It sounds like something that would fit nicely along Rotting Christ's A Dead Poem.  The classy and epic main melody and gruff vocals show a maturity of style as well as a fusion of songwriting and instrumentation.  Infernal Winds plods along with a sort of focussed set of riffs that then explode into a Judas Priest-esque melody at the 1:46 mark.  Within the Veil of Dusk begins with acoustic guitar that is delicate in its sound yet retains an epic folkish quality, especially when the cavernous drums rise from the deeps.  But well-muscled riffs make their presence known as the song takes on a death metal feel.  This death metal influence bleeds over into the next track, Maelstrom of Chaos.  However Greek melodies once again rise over the top of the more meaty riffs.  Born of Might is an album that sounds refined and mature and delves into realms of deathly black metal with a melodic edge and a Hellenic influence that makes the songs dark and catchy at the same time.