Brutal Abstraction

Self Released 2011

This 7 song EP from Poland's latest hungry beasts, K.A.S.K. is an exercise in brutal and tight death metal.  After a short intro a muscular set of meaty riffs rushes out of the speakers while sets of precise drum lines ensure a methodical assault delivers calculated violence on Empty Thoughts.  The title track fuses elements of deathcore onto a framework of standard death metal for a crushing heaviness yet otherwise lifeless effect.  The opening riffs have a decidedly massive crunch to them and the song leaps into a somewhat Swedish sounding style.  At times I am mildly reminded of middle era Edge of Sanity, but these comparisons are swept aside for more modern elements.  A circular death riffs meet modern thrash guitars and then deathcore breakdowns in Slave's Anathomy.  The snare drums are spot on but because of production sound almost mechanical.  Maybe that works for some, but to me in this situation I would prefer a little more organic approach to their production.  The outro is an atmospheric and emotional bit of instrumental simplicity that would be right at home on a Katatonia album.  This track, though short, actually represents the highlight of the EP for me.  Brutal Abstraction is an EP of precision ordinance that sounds dangerous but in the end fails to cause much damage.  The songs are well performed by there is an overall feeling of flatness to the album.  It just feels all too safe, too predictable.  The album could do with a bit more danger and adventure to it.