Burned Beyond Recognition

Electric Assault Records 2013

With their new two-song 7", Sweden's masters of thrash are making a statement to the world that they are not to be denied!  The title-track is Antichrist at their finest.  A thrashed out Venom riff gets the mayhem started.  The tempo roils around like a racing madman and the riff dances from straight ahead sawing guitars to catchy, flowing near-melodies.  The vocals are raspier this time around but really suit the music.  The middle of the song breaks into a diabolical groove only to gather steam and roll right over you.  The track circles back to the intensified Motorhead-ish riff that got the song underway.  Some killer breaks emphasize the song's break-neck intensity as it draws to its conclusion.  The second track is a cover of Croatian thrash horde Evil Blood's Kill With Napalm.  It's a very accurate cover that sheds light on a classic track from this underrated band.  Despite the original being pretty raw and underground sounding, Antichrist may have upped the ante in both of those regards.  The take those atmospheric main riffs and give them a thinner edge and turn the speed metal aspects of the original to a harder, darker slant.  I love Antichrist and this 7" gets me frothing at the mouth for a new album.  Get this as soon as humanly possible and prepare to be shredded into an unrecognizable corpse.  UGH.