Burning Blood

Black Seed Productions 2012

Pure black metal tradition and uncompromising heresy are spewed forth from your speakers as the fourth full-length from Sweden's Kill unleashes its assault upon your ears.  Veni Satana speeds forth with a no-frills barrage of cold, northern riffs and relentless drums.  The vocals are pure, grim rasps that color the freezing melodic passages with a heartless inhumanity.  Long and drifting riffs stretch towards the horizon until the song drops into a bass heavy thrashing passage where cacophony and destruction reign supreme.  Rapid-fire bursts of drums and smashing riffs strike hard on the title-track, however the song falls into a period of mid-tempo atmosphere and spoken word passages before once again speeding headlong into oblivion.  Ominous riffing opens Beckoning Grave which lurches forward amidst thunderous samples and brooding guitars.  The pace picks up for a mid-tempo attack of thrashing guitars and then finally boils over into a full-blown eruption of flesh shredding riffs.  This is short-lived however and the true onslaught begins on Kill.  Blasts of frigid riffs and slicing vocals leaves nothing but a frozen landscape in its wake.  The riffs turn towards a Gorogorth-esque set of near melodies.  The final track is an 11+ minute tornado of destructive riffs and razor-sharp black metal.  The guitars slice open your flesh while the vocals cauterize the wounds with their searing heat.  The speed of its initial section is relentless and only devolves into throbbing hatred at the 3:38 mark.  However this respite is short-lived and you are quickly overtaken by more speedy black metal riffs that leave nothing but death in their wake.  Kill's latest album is a finely honed weapon of anti-Xtian terror.  Riffs that are bone-hard and vocals that are grim and cruel span the entire album of no-frills, traditional black metal hatred.  Burning Blood blazes a path of fiery annihilation as the music scorches a path across your soul.