Beneath Wind And Waves


Self Released 2011

Portland has a burgeoning indie music scene and from its womb is birthed the sweet and soft sounds of Beneath Wind A Waves.  Transference's stark voice and isolated acoustic guitar are imbued with a haunting quality, the music sounds as if a hundred years of sorrow and roadweary experience have piled up on the songwriter.  A muted dance beat lays the foundation for a sleepy pop track on Loop Me In.  The lazy afternoon guitar work shimmers through distortion creating a nostalgic feel on the track.  The back-and-forth duet of male and female vocals is an effective play on the dual sided outlook of a burgeoning relationship.  This dual vocal approach continues on Angry Love.  The song however is far from angry, there are subdued drums and a lazy pacing that causes the song to drag somewhat.  God said opens up with some prairie folk guitar, dry and dusty.  Shawn's vocals really stand out during the song.  Persephone takes on a modern view of the old Greek myth and fills it with sparse guitar and the lush voice of Stephanie.  The song drifts towards a darker, moodier pop locale as the song builds towards it climax and then releases the tension in an ambient voice of stillness.  A subtle folk influence permeates Non-Etre and the minimal instrumentation lends well to Shawn's inviting voice doing the heavy lifting for the album.  Sometimes I feel this album is a little too sleepy for its own good.  The whole album is in a dreamy haze.  It's like a less interesting Mazzy Star, but with male vocals. However, despite its molasses pace and barren instrumentation, Non-etre possesses an angst filled emotional depth.  It is a lovelorn album to be sure.