Cleanse Your Demons 

Demo 2010

Self-Financed 2010

Cleanse Your Demons represents a union of veterans from the Canadian metal scene from Overthrow and Soulstorm.  The three song demo begins with Kingdom of Rats.  A massive doom riff accented by paralleling melodies gets things underway summoning a sense of foreboding and despair tinged dread, like discovering the long abandoned dwelling of some Lovecraftian horror.  A Sabbathy riff kicks in at the 4:54 mark and carries the song towards it inevitable and apocalyptic conclusion.  Up next is Negative Carrier where crunchy guitars splinter bones.  The mood of the track creates darkened landscapes which are smeared with soot and ash by the song's desolate and dragging sound.  Combined with the echoing vocals, the whole tapestry when woven together conjures a sound that is reminiscent of Godflesh's Streetcleaner but without any hint of industrial elements.  Finally Rotting Season submerses the listener beneath heavy rhythms which create a feeling of tightened muscles and clenched fists, just waiting to unleash a flurry of rage.  Yet the song remains controlled just like the simmering hatred within the riffs.  The production on this demo is very professional and all the instruments sound massive.  Cleanse Your Demons have put together one of the best death metal demos I have heard in awhile, the riffs crush, and the songwriting is mature.