Ekove Efrits

Conceptual Horizon

Hypnotic Dirge Records 2011

This one man Iranian entity packs more emotional impact into his third full-length album than most full sized bands do within the scope of their entire career. The slow dreamy quality beginning of Unmeaning Circle brings to mind Tiamat at their most Pink Floyd-esque.  Piano and strings mingle with metallic guitars and grim vocals as the track continues.  The stark guitar and pounding industrial beat give way to angelic synth and throbbing bass.  This all culminates in a very touching and sincere atmosphere of desolation.  This thread of desolation is a common thread throughout the album and continues on Faceless Moments.  Icy synth and thin drums are unified behind eerie black metal vocals as the song freezes the blood in your veins.  Haunting clean vocals drift in like some gothic ghost while strings pierce the darkness.  All That We Lost enters timidly with sorrowful piano and then gathers steam behind a wall of guitars and synth.  As with the rest of the tracks, the tempo here crawls along and the drums are so sparse and thin they remind me of Katatonia's Brave Murder Day.  The way in which the guitars and synth are utilized here it gives the composition an orchestral feel.  Clean, melodic guitar and chilled keys summon visions of a still pond on a crisp fall morning as A Celebration For Sorrow begins.  Deep, clean vocals and gothic riffs crest and wane and then rise into black metal soundscapes.  It is very depressive, bordering on suicidal to listen to this music.  Extreme arctic coldness permeates the ambient synths that paint the soundscape of I Walk Into Darkness.  At times I am reminded of Neptune Towers meets Burzum's more synth oriented work.  Once again the latter day Tiamat comparisons resurface as Hills of Ashes gets rolling.  Perhaps it is Saman N.'s airy, vocals and the bizarre keyboard sections.  The pulsing bass provides a foundation for the cacophony of synth swirling around it.  The gothic and depressive black metal orchestration that comprises Conceptual Horizon creates an environment of despair and isolation.  There is a deep chill in its notes, one that you can feel in your bones even after the album has finished.