Ides of Gemini     


Neurot Recordings 2012

Elegant and stoic, these post doom metallers from Los Angeles weave a spell that bewitches me with their music.  Constantinople is an album that is heavy and ethereal through its lumbering riffs and dreamlike female vocals.  I hear shadows of As Divine Grace and Love Spirals Downward throughout this album, most notably on the opening and middle portions of Starless Midnight.  A driving martial beat and buzzing guitars relentlessly pound their way into your fragmented consciousness on Slain In Spirit.  Sera's vocals are sultry in an icy way, swaying and seductive like a glacier.  The highlight of the album though is the nostalgic journey that is Resurrectionists.  Guitar lines that are as dry and barren as a prairie in winter support the monotone meanderings of Sera and then tectonic riffs rise and Sera soars with authority over them.  A folkish dance of guitar and stark vocals surge and collapse on One To Oneness.  The listener is tainted with shades of sorrow and left chilled to the core as the song draws to a close. And this effect is true for the whole album.  Clean, melancholic guitar ushers in Austrian Windows.  Sera sounds her most delicate in this song as she flows right on top of the guitar.  A sharp snare and mildly disharmonic notes add an air of longing to the composition.  Constantinople is a somber work that creates images of spiritual journeys through desolate badlands, barren and cold.  If your heart yearns for works of freezing and celestial beauty then Ides of Gemini will leave you entranced.  I know I have been left filled with unwavering anguish and my subconscious may never be the same.