Cor Cordium

Supernaturalcat 2012

Cor Cordium starts off with some insane bass guitar ramblings and a bouncy beat that almost brings to mind Primus.  But all similarities are cast aside as soon as the vocals begin.  Totally demented rasps and snarls accompany the loosely framed instrumentation on Lungo Computo.  Then Nosferatu teeters on the brink of oblivion.  Slightly ominous structures that have an undercurrent of doom riffage, but are so sparse and stretched out they begin to lose any sort of focus and you begin to feel like this is ravings of insane inmates laid bare.  Marie however is a repetitive, almost annoying stream of varied approaches to saying the same vocal line over and over again, accompanied by rolling drums and thunderous bass.  A forceful movement ushers in Penumbra Y Caos.  The whole song has a punkish feel to it, like the live assault of a hardcore riot before collapsing into reverberating drone.  Taking this theme even further, the song devolves into ambient noise and twisted feedback and other deep space sounds.  Monolithic riffs and feral growls announce the next track, Orcus.  Catacombecatombe throbs while determined snare, tom and cymbal strikes underpin the vocal dementia periodically erupting from monotone growls.  OvO is a strange beast that defies categorization.  Cor Cordium is not an album that can be pigeon-holed and is certainly not for the faint of heart.  Though 100 percent interesting, it also is not an album that I can get a lot of enjoyment from.  As I said before, it seems like the bass-driven ravings of a lunatic.