Crash of Cassini

Self-Released 2011

Los Angeles' dynamic alternative rock duo Magnuson deliver an album of poppy progressiveness with Crash of Cassini.  Dark Reality plumbs the depths of musical darkness with moody basslines and some Morrissey-esque vocal lines.  The chorus borders on goth inspired layered vocals while rapid bursts of snares strike like gunfire.  Real Control melds smoldering rock and a doomy main riff for a powerful effect.   On Somewhere a bouncy song structure compliments a sort of sped up Morrissey vocal performance until the "sunny day" chorus sweeps in like a summer breeze.  A confident, strutting guitar pattern shuffles through the opening passage of Stars Collide.  The dramatic and uplifting chorus paint a whole new mood to the track all the meanwhile the duo trade and collide their singing parts.  A martial beat ushers in The Scout.  A distinct The Smiths feel permeate the song until it explodes into a progressive metallic demonstration.  The track has a real sultry feel to it when it is in its more minimal stages.  After having read the promo sheet and seeing The Smiths listed in there with a host of unlike comparisons I'll admit I was skeptical.  But after hearing the album, I would say that The Smiths play quite a prominent role in their sound, even when it is masked or buried.  With all the positives I have lauded upon the album, there are still some issues with some tracks just not being as gripping or as vibrant as others.  The somewhat whimsical and out of place Forever Saturday.  And sometimes I left with the feeling that the album as a whole feels somewhat flat.  But taken on their own there are some quite catchy, interesting and diverse songs to be experienced here.  Crash of Cassini has moments that lock in your head and I look forward to this duo sharpening their arsenal and honing their craft into the deadly array of musicianship it has the potential for.