Crucified Mortals


Hells Headbangers 2011

Cleveland's ultra-heavy thrash masters have returned after a lengthy silence to deliver their most focused and material album to date.  Meaty death riffs and guttural vocals batter their way through a chugging mosh of thrash on the album's opener, Sordid Treachery.  A flurry of guitar soloing drops into hammering riffs as the track progresses.  Slicing riffs and a galloping tempo shred the initial stage of Hidden Tomb.  A down-shift in the pace greets simmering anger before the song jumps back to its feet and sprints towards its climax.  Resurrected Fiend combines the muscular thrash riffing with NWOBHM sensibilities, not unlike say....Deceased.  The track then unleashes a brutal crunch that brings to mind the opening passage of Morbid Saint's Assassins.  A straight ahead blast of thrash flies at you like water from a firehose on Figure in Black.  Hints of Deceased abound in this track too.  A seriously intimidating bass intro and subdued guitar melody mask the furious onslaught of Slayer-esque hyperthrash that speeds full throttle out of the speaker at you on Perpetrator.  Fatal Scheme once again flexes beefy mid-tempo Slayer-isms, inducing snapped necks all around.  Ghastly Affliction reignites the Deceased reference within the context of violently melodic thrash riffage that explodes within the track.  The final track, Doom, is a crushing rocket barrage of thick thrash riffs that shift into frantic melodic guitars passages.  If you like your thrash in the devastatingly brutal vein of Morbid Saint and Demolition Hammer mixed with the crunch of 80s era Slayer with echoes of Deceased throughout then Crucified Mortals will stoke the fires within that sweaty moshpit within your soul.