Infant Death      

Cursed To Damnation Demo

I am constantly amazed by the intensity and diversity of the Norwegian thrash scene and the latest upstarts to spew their violent musical aggression is Infant Death.  Cursed To Damnation is their second demo and they have upped the ante with this one.  Execution by Torture unleashes an insane flurry of soloing and blistering riffs which are augmented by wild vocals and a rapid-fire salvo of drums.  The riffs continue to saw as the track settles into a groove.  Savage riff mania sets in on Violent Death.  I am instantly reminded of all the old thrash bands from the 80s.  While Infant Death is a new band, they have a knack for capturing the old school style.  I love the transitions they make from one set of riffs to another as is evidenced by neck-snapping change at the 0:50 mark.  And the riff that kicks in at the 2:30 mark is so gripping, total shredding destruction.  UGH!!!!  Flesh boils with the intensity of Destruction And Death.  It is a relentless ripping of flesh with those razor-wire riffs and lightning quick solos.  A hammering beat pounds away at your bones on Fornication Of The Dead.  All throughout this song, and through the entire demo I hear echoes of Dark Angel and Slayer.  So you know this is nonstop violence.  Infant Death is a fun, yet barbaric new band that is going to scorch the underground with its brand of devastating thrash.  It borders on the feral aggression of Deathhammer but is more controlled in their execution, like Nekromantheon.