Czas Sumienia

Thor Records 2005

Another long-buried gem from the early Polish thrash scene gets the proper treatment with a full release, this time is is the 1988 demo of the legendary Egzekuthor.  After an eerie, spoken word intro a full-on thrash assault floods out from my speakers.  The song that the band named themselves for uncurls with some surprisingly mature but still underground sounding riffs.  Caught somewhere between Sodom and Slayer with the rhythmic flow of the guitarwork and the thudding drums the track oozes menace.  Widmo Wojny, just explodes like a clusterbomb with rapid Slayer-esque riffs and a rapid pace, that ratchets up the tempo.  The Slayer influence reaches throughout the album including Zakaska which also incorporates an ominous chugging riff later in the track.  Clean guitar injects a change of pace on Cyklon B as instances of melody froth above the churning riffs which for some reason bring to mind Death's Evil Dead.  More clean guitar trickles over the opening passage of Badz Jak Metal which has a raw and sawing main riff with a total Sodom feel to it as the guitars crush everyone before them.  The title track is a speedfest that brings to mind Sodom at their most venomous.  Frenzied riffs and flaming drums scorch the ears during the initial passage of the track before settling into a brooding stomp and then a pool of calm, clean guitar.  This is only a momentary respite before the rapid-fire assault begins anew!  The vocals are dry and raspy with a certain animalistic snarl to them.  And the drumming is a little loose at points within the album but maintains a rabid relentlessness to it.  This demo reveals that even early in their existence that Egzekuthor were a force to be reckoned with.  Dark and primitive thrash that leaves no survivors.