Promo 2010

Self Released 2010

Daren is the solo project of Holy Death/Deadly Frost's drummer.  Eerie and frost covered black metal seeps out of the speakers on this two song promo.  Fuzzed guitars play a chilling riff as Burning Names... of My Son begins.  Arctic black metal vocals and demented clean voices alternate across an icy nocturnal landscape.  The crackling and somber riffs draw mental comparisons to Carpathian Forest, Samael and even Burzum.  A more torturous feel emanates from the quicker pacing and black n roll riffage on I Fuck You, No Mercy.  Thicker, more rhythmic riffs undulate beneath diabolical clean vocals that remind me of Ved Buens Ende's verbal theatrics but the texture of the guitars is more like Black Shining Leather era Carpathian Forest.  At its core, Daren is a psychotic, pitiless abyss of black metal.  This two song promo promises, darker caverns and colder vistas yet to be explored by this mythic Polish drummer.