Cold Raw Records 2014

DASAP represent another in a long stream of recent French black metal bands who have leveled the underground with the intensity and darkness of their music.  Cold Raw Records have seen fit to go back and rerelease their 6-song demo originally released in 2011.  Yet Decayed showcases the diversity of DASAP's songwriting.  Blasts of Satanic might, atmospheric segments, and a mood setting synth passage that induces a sense of impending dread.  Midtempo grooves with rumbling drums and scraping vocals give way to an explosion of frenzied destruction.  The speedy bursts open At Last.  There is a sense of melody though not actually melodic.  A determined set of chugging death metal riffs are accompanied by tormented vocals.  Keyboard flourishes rise from the din and then the song flows into a drifting, atmospheric section.  Open Water embraces acoustic, progressive guitar musings from its beginning and draws comparisons to Eucharist.  Deny Failure returns us to DASAP's foundation with near melodies and muscular rhythms.  Sharp changes in the song's movements lead to an abrupt end.  But this sets the stage for the brooding, contemplative initial passage on Totally Insane.  The guitars, bass, and drums surge into a mesmerizing undulation of sonic blackness.  Chugging, deathly grooves are punctuated by strategic keyboard strokes on The Wolds Ends Here.  The pace slows to a crawl and a swaying rhythm takes hold within the framework of the song.  DASAP take black metal and bend it slightly with a progressive and adventurous edge.  And to think, this is just their demo.  Now I need to go out and see what their album is all about.