Dawn of Warfare 

Nebiula Productions 2010

Dawn Of Warfare marks the debut offering from the Malaysian battleship of death metal known as Humiliation.  You can clearly see the establishment of their characteristic rumbling style of battle oriented death metal.  An armored giant of a song, Trench, comes out of the gates, bristling with monstrous riffs and a rolling tempo.  It's like the opening salvo at the battle of the Somme, thunderous and full of crushing guitars.  Echoing the buildup of weapons of war through its use of chugging guitars The Crisis To Come lurches out of the gates and gains steam as it continues on its methodical course.  Fronturnnuer is a slightly more dynamic song with its jumping main riff that shifts into slow gallop as the track continues.  The tempo picks up as the song progresses but then it hits a somewhat stop/start riff that causes the track to stumble a bit for me.  The eastern style guitar intro to Minefields (A Way To Kill) is great.  It sets up the groove heavy, rolling riffs of the song and the main riff gets stuck in my head and this represents the standout track of the album.  Unfortunately it also precedes the worst song on the album for me, Capping The T.  It utilizes a bouncing, almost nu-metal riff that rubs me the wrong way.  Reactor #8 begins with a ropey bass line before springing to life with beefy Boltthrower-ish riffs.  The track then down-shifts into a doomy stomp that would be perfectly at home on Asphyx's Last One On Earth album.  Then the song explodes into some blasting death metal before settling into a mournful lead guitar.  On their debut Humiliation is already displaying the Boltthrower-esque riffing style that is their identity.   They have already settled into their groove and show the potential that comes to fruition on their second album.  However Dawn of Warfare is not as memorable or as mature as Seek To Survive.  This is a solid album nonetheless.