Obscure Infinity

Dawn of Winter

Obscure Domain Productions 2010

Blackened death metal, scalding with harsh riffs and soothing with calming synths and acoustic guitar, is ushered forth on the debut album of Germany's Obscure Infinity.  After a chilling intro, the smashing, old school riffs of Sacrificial Ritual demolish all doubts of the underground lethality of Obscure Infinity.  A morbid melodic passage creates atmosphere before blasting drums and furious shredding blisters the flesh from your bones.  Pummeling like a hammer, Morbid Ways of God splinter bones with rapid fire riffs and putrid riffs that recall the demo days of the Swedish scene.  The acoustic instrumental Foreshadowing of a Coming Storm reminds me of Tiamat's acoustic work on The Astral Sleep.  And it is appropriately titled because Everlasting Fires surges like molten lava out of the speakers searing everything in its wake with buzz-saw guitars and a melody that brings to mind Unanimated's debut.  The track downshifts into some sludgy, crushing riffing that drown the listener in rot and decay.  Thick Grave-like riffs pounce upon you on Incinerator and drummer Oli embarks upon some of the most intense cymbal work I have ever heard.  It sounds like rat claws skittering across the cymbals.  The Firmament Breathes Eternal Tranquillity is another soothing acoustic instrumental.  Creeping doomy riffs veil the onset of a blackened melody that flows like blood from a wound on the title-track.  Transmitting Life to Darkness also utilizes a more evident black metal melody within its blasting passages evoking a somber sonic emotion.  The production immediately ensures a nostalgic reference to the glorious underground of the early 90s death metal movement.  Obscure Infinity is a morbid delight for those of us who cherish the sound and style of old school death metal.  Dawn of Winter is a varied album that possesses brutality and beauty and uses them both to devastating effect.