Demonic Cremator


Unholy Resurrection Records 2011

Scotland's raw and primitive black metal heathens, Demonic Cremator return from Aberdeen's windswept coasts with their second full length album.  Once again taking a strong leaning towards sparse, thin production, this devilish duo hack out some harsh black metal as evidenced immediately on the opener Crucify.  Boiling down Ravishing Grimness era Darkthrone to its ugly, cold primitive foundations one can easily discern hypnotic riffs sewn together with Hellhammer-ish brutality on My Dying Breath.  Whereas Blood is the Life is a more dynamic songstyle, driving and heavy despite the washed out, thin production.  A stripped down take on Under A Funeral Moon era Darkthrone can be heard in the mesmerizing riff repetition and pounding drums of Virus.  Bled To Death entertains with some intense drum breaks and quickened pacing that shifts back into a slow throb.  For possibly the most energetic and destructive song of the album, Lend Me The Shotgun sprays out a blast of Nordic riffing in the vein of Darkthrone's Crossing The Triangle of Flames.  One more thing of note, Asphyxiator's vocals are so dry that my throat burns just hearing his strained screams.  If you crave an even more simplified and brutal interpretation of Darkthrone and Hellhammer then Crucified is ready to rip out your throat.  No frills, just feral animosity and blackened, organic metal is what you should expect from Demonic Cremator.