Deadly Frost / Daren
Kill The Posers / Obsesje 

Krew Diabla 2011

Traditional death worshippers Deadly Frost have united with Polish black metal extremist Daren for a split release that uses two divergent methods to bury you underneath time and dust.  

The steamroller that is Deadly Frost gets the slaughter started with their beefy pummeling style that brings to mind Usurper meets Boltthrower.  Meaty riffs flex in a cavernous crawl as the self-titled track rolls along.  The track has an eerie quality to the main riff and the drums seem to gallop in slow motion.  Then all hell breaks loose at the 2:33 mark, the pace picks up and tumultuous violence ensues!  Born of Fire is up next and plods along with brutish efficiency.  It cracks skulls with its midtempo stomp.  Taking a more rockin' approach is the title-track, Kill The Posers.  It's total street metal toughness with an unforgiving rawness.  Deadly Frost's tracks close out with a cover of Venom's In League With Satan which is perhaps a darker take on that classic.  The guitars are fatter and the vocals harder, but it is really hard to improve on a classic.  heh heh.       

After being crushed into dust by Deadly Frost, Daren uses their songs to harden the earth with their frigid style of black metal.  After mysterious synth glides in, cold, fuzzed out guitars send shivers down your spine as Act 1 gets underway.  It's as if Burzum and demo era Carpathian Forest combined within a fog of ice.  Daren is so cold that the guitars hiss and the synth coats the song in deep atmosphere.  Daren's vocals are grim and hard.  Act 2 begins with shuddering guitars and ghostly synth.  Slowly strummed riffs undulate in nebulous  movement and then a midtempo groove forms and drives the song which increases the Burzum comparisons in my ears.   My favorite track off the entire split is Act 4 with its magical synth and throbbing guitar riffs.  A song that exhales cold mystery though its slower passages and then picks up for some haunting majesty.  

Deadly Frost is a mammoth destructive force and Daren is a frostbite inducing storm of fuzzed out black metal.  When combined these two artists form an unholy cycle where Deadly Frost obliterates and buries you and then Daren seals you in tightly within a layer of permafrost.