Deadly Frost / Exmortum
The Nightstalker / Ritual Surgery 

Thrashing Madness 2011

Two old school, traditional death worshippers put their axes to the grindstone with this split release.  Each one approaches their trade with a slightly different slant.  They are different enough to both achieve an identity while still complimenting each other.

First up is Deadly Frost with their creeping Hellhammer inspired bludgeoning.  Mammoth midtempo riffs crush the listener like a steamroller and then the song bursts into blasting black metal annihilation.  Doomy structures invade the song and bring to mind Autopsy at their sludgiest best.  The title-track is a loathsome stomp, meaty riffs with a doom-laden hammering.  Picking up the intensity slightly is Death Reborn.  The music sounds like the groans of undead corpses moaning and plodding within earthen crypts.  The pace quickens and an old school death groove drops in like the resurrected spirit of Massacre.  The shrieking female voice pierces the darkness like a rape victim.  The Deadly Frost side of the split is brought to a close with a rousing cover of Kreator's Tormentor.  Their version is perhaps dirtier, though fuller in sound and all together faster!  

Jumping right into the fray at the split's halfway point is Exmortum.  Cremator is their initial offering and it rolls in like a herd of elephants.  Caught somewhere between Celtic Frost and Cianide the song is muscular exhibition of meaty riffs.  At the 2:53 mark Exmortum spice things up with some dark melodic guitar work followed by a brutal blast beat.  Deadcoldmeat is a pounding song with drums that mercilessly hammer away at your eardrums.  Panzergoat slowly dissolves your flesh with a sinister initial passage before opening up with a savage assault of meaty blasts.  They then shift gears back into some more Winter-esque doom.  In keeping with closing with a cover, Exmortum ups the ante with a demented rendition of Sarcofago's God's Feces.  

No-frills, straight-forward destruction and brutality is what both of these Polish underground butchers wreak upon your flesh.  They have slightly different methods with which to destroy your body and soul, but they are equally effective at this deadly onslaught.  You can be sure they both take an old school approach to grinding you to raw meat.