Necromantical Screams
Deadly Frost 7" 

Fallen Temple 2013

Another hidden gem from the Polish underground, Necromantical Screams pays homage to the primitive and filthy roots of the black metal scene on their debut 7".  Formed from the ashes of Deadly Frost, this two-song 7" features a new song and a Celtic Frost cover.  Named after my favorite Celtic Frost track, it's not surprising as to the style and approach that Necromantical Screams takes with their music.  The first track, Blessed Death, is a punishing bout of morbid and obscure blackened death with thick, powerful riffs that slowly bludgeon you.  The plodding beat brings to mind Celtic Frost at their most vital period.  You can hear the essence of To Mega Therion and Into The Pandemonium flooding through the huge, muscular riffs as they flex with their straight-forward brutality.  The tempo quickens and the bass ramps up its ropey presence as the song draws towards its conclusion.  The second track is a cover of the Celtic Frost song the band was named after, Necromantical Screams.  Taking a faithful approach to the cover, you can hear the essence of the original version shining through.  Necromantical Screams doesn't stray far from Celtic Frost's style when they covered the song, but i feel that is what makes this so powerful.  It is true to its roots and therefore shows the influence that CF had on Necromantical Screams' style.  Those massive, thick riffs that just crush you beneath their bone-hard weight.  Deadly Frost is a 7" that features a band that lives and breathes the spirit of one of black metal's most essential architects.  Necromantical Screams fills me with a sense of giddy nostalgia for that long-gone era, yet at the same time resurrects that long desiccated corpse.  This is the legacy of Celtic Frost still battering and bruising contemporary fans of extreme and underground music.  Get this quickly and sate your thirst for primitive and brutal black metal, first wave style.