Death Invoker
Demo 2010 (Tape Only) 

Time Before Time Records 2010

This tape only onslaught of Peruvian blackened deathrash is as merciless and obscure as the band's name implies.  After a quick intro, the barbarity ensues on Satanic Force.  Brutal speed and rabid riffs saw through your skull with a certain nod to South American lords of underground blasphemy such as Sarcofago, Holocausto, and Sextrash.  Up next is the explosive riffs of Massive Slaughter.  The song slows down for a somewhat atmospheric set of riffs and ghoulish vocals that brings to mind some Hellhammer demos.  Spectres from Beyond alternates from frenzied sawing riffs to a hammering drum pattern that is reminiscent of Jesus being nailed to the cross.  A rhythmic firestorm of surging guitars sweeps out of the speakers like a giant scythe as Metal Vengeance gets underway.  All out aggression rules the day on Prophecies of Destruction.  It's like a flamethrower of hyperfast riffs spews forth from the speakers.  There is a true underground atmosphere that permeates this track (And the others).  It's as if the demo were recorded during a satanic ritual deep in some dusty catacombs.  Perhaps wearing their hearts on their sleeves a little bit, the bonus track on the demo is a cover of Sarcofago's Satanas.  The track is thin sounding but maintains the intensity of the original.  Death Invoker definitely has a Sarcofago feel/style which is immediately evident when listening to this demo.  But the songs are intense and heartfelt so you are overwhelmed by the music instead of just comparing it to the South American forefathers of this style.  There is a sincerity that shines through the music and helps Death Invoker deal a devastating strike of barbaric blackened thrash!