Death Scroll Of Seven Hells And Its Infernal Majesties 

Hells Headbangers 2012

From the hellishly hot wastelands of Texas comes the dark scrawling of Hellvetron.  Their debut is an obscure manifestation of blackened death doom.  Sheol - Grave of Supernals wraps your ears in a cloak of unholy oppression with slow dragging notes and distant guttural vocals.  It brings to mind a slow-motion Archgoat or something along those lines.  Titahion - Foul Eaters Of The Clay Of Death punishes the listener under a wall of echoing noise.  There are periods where the pace picks up but it is barely noticeable because the riffs continue to drag.  It's like a brutish, undead version of early Necros Christos.  Imposing riffs smash your eardrums while ghostly synth haunts the fringes of the music as Tzalemoth - Shadow Of Death gets underway.  A ceremonial aura permeates this track and coats it with the ashes of the incinerated dead.  Shaari Moth - Ominous Gate Of Death undulates slowly while the ebb and flow and the drums roll sluggishly.  The final track on this short album (25 minutes) is Gehinnom - Hellwomb Of The Impure Hag Queens.  It scrapes across your mind like an executioner's grindstone as the gravelly vocals vomit forth esoteric odes to death.  Disharmonic shifts call out from the bowels of the song like distant banshees and hissing cymbals serve to obscure it all.  The whole sound of this album is as if it has been recorded in a crypt.  It is deep and dank and filled with the air of death.  Death Scroll of Seven Hells.... is an album that buries you in unholy atmosphere and suffocates your with sepulchral malevolence.