Promo 2011

Self Released 2011

This two song promo from Russia's warmongering death machines, Demahum is a good taster of their future material.  Thick, ropey bass guitar opens the first assault of filthy and cruel black metal, the strangely named Destruction of Kind.  At times I am reminded of a slower Black Witchery in the way they use destructive riffs and barbaric drumming.  The slower passages sound like the growling of panzer engines.  These give way to a salvo of rapid snares and sawing guitars which, when taken together, give the track a very rhythmic flow.  A somewhat bouncy rhythm sets the stage for Cleaning before hyperspeed black metal riffs are unleashed.  The explosion of frantic riffing and shrieking vocals at the 1:50 mark is an aural event somewhat akin to a typhoon of steel.  Based on this promo, Demahum are destructive and merciless.  However, there are plenty of other bands out there doing the same thing.  So this two song promo is solid but fails to truly stand out above the horde.  If unfeeling violence and aggression feed your soul then Demahum should appease your hunger.