Lords Of Bukkake    

Total Rust

Spanish post-doomers, Lords Of Bukkake have escaped the asylum and brought with them a maddening view into the lunacy of the mind with their bizarre, crushing third album.  The opening Boca Acida warps sonic textures and nightmarish drumming into an abyssic glimpse before lurching forward with monstrous riffs that bring to mind Confessor's debut.  The vocals are distorted, warbling screams that pierce like a splinter in your mind while the guitars drill with sharp sounds and the drums burst and explode into shrapnel, shredding flesh.  The bottom falls out of the track with only lingering guitar drifts, then sludgy riffs surge to smother the listener.  The riffs continue to flow into a hollow, astral expanse before falling back to earth, caught up in the demented drumming, unsettling vocals, and lunging riffs that fade into warped sparseness.  Hereditaria opens with riffs that border on drone and somehow I am reminded of Winter, just the crushing coldness of the riffs.  The plodding, lethargic guitarwork continues on until the 5:22 mark when the pace picks up ever so slightly and the riffs gain momentum.  Shrills noises and rolling drums punctuate the domineering riffs only to be stripped away to reveal meaty, throbbing guitars.  Relente stands tall with mountainous guitars and doomed-out black metal riffs.  You can feel the riffs impose their will upon you as the trudge forward.  The guitar strangulations are swept away by more cyclopean riffs and cutting vocals.  A massive, ropey bass guitar looms in the darkness and ushers in an undulating riff structure that obliterates all resistance.  The drums roll and explode in supernovas of snare strikes.  A bouncy tempo with decidedly crunchy/sludgy riffs relapse into dragging textures on the title-track.  A completely mind-warping solo washes over you like rain drops before continuing on with mammoth doom riffs.  The pace alternates between slothish to the bottom end of midtempo.  Noise effects smother you before a crystalline guitar swoons amongst the forest of gigantic riffs as the album draws to a close.  Lords Of Bukkake take traditional sludge/doom/drone and turn it a bit on its ear with injections of dementia and weirdness.  It's almost as if this were a Japanese take on modern doom, but Lords Of Bukkake reside in Spain.  Desagravio is an album that successfully bridges the enigmatic eccentricities of the band with traditional doom frameworks to create a tapestry of crushing, sonic madness.