Fuck The Facts
Die Miserable 

Relapse Records 2011

These Canadian death grinders certainly know how to deliver the goods.  Die Miserable is their ninth studio album and proves they have lost none of their intensity over the course of their extensive career.  Drift opens the album with an insane volley of blast beats then the track drops into some bizarre territory as strange, near melodies drift in and out of the melee like fleeting apparitions.  Crazy tempo changes and awkward riff patterns serve to disorient the listener and the sonic violence continues.  Blasts of harsh vocals accompany the blasts of rhythmic guitars and hammering drums on Cold Hearted.  The song turns on a dime into meaty Morbid Angel-esque rhythms and even floats towards some atmospheric passages.  Some lightning quick guitar gymnastics enter the fray and leap and hop in and out of the composition.  Thick, bouncy riffs set the tone for Lifeless.  Then the drums open fire with machinegun bursts of snares before a heat-seeking thrash riff surges forward.  The track collapses into a chugging metalcore breakdown with strange guitar harmonics and painful feedback.  The title-track is a hypnotically droning song that creates a feeling of longing and despair in the listener.  This mood is broken by the insane pace of A Coward's Existence.  Hardcore and grind collide in a blistering car wreck that is equal parts blast beats with undercurrents of brain piercing noise and sorrowful melodies.  Fuck the Facts have their full arsenal of songwriting acrobatics on display with Die Miserable.  The shape-shift between all sorts of varying subgenres for a relentlessly intense and captivating album.  All listeners should beware of a merciless barrage of grinding death with blended elements from hardcore, metalcore, thrash, industrial, etc.