Fed To The Wolves     


Lay Me Low Records 2013

SoCal's crustiest renegades, Fed To The Wolves have unleashed their debut 7" and it is a force to be reckoned with to say the least.  This 5 song assault of D-beat destruction is nasty and violent and tainted with an apocalyptic mood.  The title-track gets the avalanche started with thick, crusty riffs and a hammering beat that leaves you battered and bruised.  There is a massive, downtuned onslaught that commences as soon as the guitars and gruff vocals kick in.  The true power of the track though is felt when it slows to a pummeling crawl at the 1:26 mark and then fades into discord.  Agents Of Death flies out wildly, like a whirlwind of fists and angst.  Savage thrusts of knuckled pain strike with each drum beat and reverb driven riff.  Filthy Swine however has a certain rhythmic head nod and explosive burst of speed and crusty hellfire.  The dual vocal assault serves to shatter your skeletal frame on two fronts while leaving nothing but pulp to remain for the sludgy trudge of the riffs that grind you beneath their heals as the song concludes.  A decidedly more determined approach avails you on the opening notes of On The Wall.  The punk roots of the song quickly come to the surface as it pushes on further with its riotous glee.  The final track is the malicious Negation.  It just seems to me like a bruising exercise of musical dissent.  The debut 7" from Fed To The Wolves is anger incarnate.  These Californians rail at the world and its injustices and you definitely feel the brunt of their sonic conflict.  This is pure audio confrontation!