Self-Released 2014

Finnish stoner doom of the dirtiest kind is what you'll get on this three song EP.  G.O.D. is the first of these crushing monoliths of sound.  Lumbering, riffs slow, like the passage of time, wear down your senses with their unconquerable weight.  The vocals are corrosive near-growls that scrape across your flesh as mountainous chords, tainted with a sense of the forlorn, loom forebodingly in front of you.  The soundscape changes to a dreamier, almost aboriginal state after the 5 minute mark.  Lush guitar tones and smooth bass lines flow across tribal beats.  Of course this is only a temporary reprieve.  Next is the sullen cyclopean, stoner riffs of Await.  The same, measured pace accompanies those laid back riffs as they trudge across the fabric of the album like the slowly creeping rays of the dawning sun.  The track becomes more insistent and powerful in its declarative vocals and upwards arcing riffs before the guitars shift into a more driving, traditional stoner framework.  You get a stronger sense of Sabbath's presence towards the latter half of the track as drum breaks and guitar solos crest and fall.  Warped, surreal guitar starts out the final track of the EP, Everblast.  This is quickly drowned out by rolling riffs that smother you with their density.  Trippy guitar effects uncoil within the track before once again succumbing to those gigantic riffs.  The 4:17 mark ushers in a dream, hazy solitary guitar and psychedelic fretwork working in perfect union.  They allow your mind to transcend the body and float away on an expansive journey.  The ominously toned, thick riffs return with some nice cymbal work that increases the energy of the song, yet the guitar's freeform odyssey across the frets and through your mind continues.  The bass guitar also begins to dominate the structure of the song.  The EP comes crashing and squealing to its conclusion.  DÍ's debut is a more solid and crawling take on stoner than most of their contemporaries.  They have a gloomier style and steer away from the fuzzed-out smokiness of their peers yet remain true to the central core of stoner doom, crush you beneath the weight of riffs!